Unique visitors is the same as visits



Recently it seems that Unique Visitors and Visits have become the same value.

I have attached a screenshot of what I am seeing.

What might be causing this to happen?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,
sorry about this issue. It was fixed in the latest Piwik release, please upgrade and it will work for the new data after upgrading.



I’ve the same problem (still).
Piwik is upgraded to 2.11.2 and any pageview shows a real unique ID.


I do not have privacy options turned on.


I also upgraded, and the issue still exists.


Hi all,

Found MY problem with the unique visitors ID.
Piwik is very dependant on the cookie its trying to place.
If the cookie is blocked (as is normally the case nowadays in the EU) there is no other way for Piwik to make sure it is a new or returning visitor.

So in my browser I allowed cookies and now it works.
I really want to figure out how to count non unique visitors without cookies. Even if it were just by IP.

But hey, I is still remains a very impressive peace of programming.