Unique visitors (daily sum) and Users (daily sum)


  • We are currently running Matomo version 3.7.0.

  • I have searched everywhere I know of, trying to find an explanation for “Unique visitors (daily sum) and Users (daily sum)”.

  • When we compare the visits, unique visitors, and users in the Visitors Overview, to the same fields in a “Custom Variables” Report with “Visitor Name”, for the exact same timeframe, the numbers don’t match!?!?

Timeframe: This week (which only has two days of activity so far):

From 2019-07-22 to 2019-07-28

Visits Overview (tab):

  • 1,058 visits, 468 unique visitors
  • 430 users

Custom Variables (tab) with “Visitor Name” as the only variable:

matomo statistics - RSS .__feedview__sidebar { display: none; } .__feedview__mainbody { margin-right: 0px }

Label Visits Actions Maximum actions in one visit Total time spent by visitors (in seconds) Bounces Visits with Conversions Unique visitors (daily sum) Users (daily sum)
Visitor Name 1015 2581 44 254568 498 0 602 561


  • Overview has 1,058 visits, whereas the Custom Variables export (report) has 1015 Visits!?!?
  • Overview has 468 unique visitors, whereas the Custom Variables export (report) has 602!?!?
  • Overview has 430 users, whereas the Custom Variables export (report) has 561!?!?

What does “daily sum” mean?

Thank You!