Unique Visitors Count more than Visits


We are using PIWIK version 1.9.2 and using IIS logs analysis for metrics. For most of the websites that we have, we are seeing that the UNIQUE VISITORS counts are more or similar to the visits count. How is this possible?

This is an explanation i found for Google Analytics. Is that the same?


See my explanation on how to improve unique visitors: Visits and unique visitors (almost) don't differ · Issue #3936 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Hi Matt,

I checked your solution. So by increasing the visit_standard_length time, it would decrease the visits count even more isnt it?? We were using WebTrends earlier and in that a visit is a session of 30 mins, and inactivty of 30 mins means a new visit or session starts. SO obviously we always had more visits than visitors. I mean it as definitely a case that a visitor may log in mutliple times in a day or week or month. So although he remains a unique visitor, the number of visits should increase and be more than visitors right? I have attached the reports which shows exact same number of visits and unique visitors

What i want is to have more number of visits than visitors coz that what is normal according to the customers :(.

For now we just explained our customer something in the lines of Why a Custom Report shows more users than sessions - Analytics Help. But its extremely difficult to make them understand that how each visitor is having only one visit/session for a time period.

Kindly help.

You misunderstood. What is explained is here is what you need: Visits and unique visitors (almost) don't differ · Issue #3936 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

it will not change the duration of visits which is still 30 min.

The config change will change the time piwik wil look back to look for this unique visitor.