Unique Visitors at Page Level

Hi- How can we get Unique Visitors for each page ?

Wouldn’t that be unique pageviews? (Behavior -> Pages )

That are Page Views , I need Unique Visitors for page

Unless you query the dB or create a custom report, then there are two immediate options I see:



Thanks Louis. But can I use this solution in free version ?

Yes, you don’t need to install any premium plugins for that to work.

Thank you very much Louis , it’s worked for me.
How can I get Page Url instead of Page title in this API ? I checked “Actions.getPageUrls” method too. And this method export only visitor details not page url. So, what should I do (other than custom variable) for exporting page title and url together ? or at least page url along with unique page visitors? is there any direct API ?

Hi, did you try:


If so, why doesn’t this fit your need?

Unfortunately you can’t extract page url and title at the same time in Matomo. You would either need to join two extracts together, be wary of url fragments in that call or you could use a custom dimension with document.title, although that feels lik adding extra padding to your dB when that data is already there through standard tagging.

You could query the dB directly and join as detailed in the following blog:


Thanks.Actually I want to see Unique Visitors against each page Title or page url for a MONTH but when I made a change in parameter at above url as period=month it is not returning me nb_uniq_visitors column.Is it possible to get Unique Visitors against each page Title or page url for a MONTH by API or else?

Hi, yes that is possible. Your instance of Matomo may not be configured to process Unique Visitors for a Month:


Hi, the widget looks exactly like what I would like to show on my dashboard.
I was wondering how I can get it on my dashboard.
Would I need to recreate it (https://matomo.org/blog/2014/09/create-widget-introducing-piwik-platform/) or is there a way I can directly imbed it with the url?

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