Unique visitors are not so unique

Is there some way Piwik can be even more exact when it comes to counting unique visitors? Is there some configuration we can do in our case to help Piwik/ Matomo separate between unique visitors?

Here’s our problem:
We have noticed that our visitors count have dropped. It seems that many of our visitors are mixed up or infused together into one visit. In our organization our employees use very similar equipment with the same configurations. And they come from certain IP-adresses as well.

Based on a visitor’s operating system, browser, browser plugins, IP address and browser language Piwik calculates a fingerprint for a visitor. This is then used to process unique visitors. Accordning to your page: How does Piwik detect unique and returning visitors? (with User ID, Visitor ID from cookie and/or fingerprint) - Analytics Platform - Matomo

So in our case, one unique visitor can be more than one visitor as Piwik/Matomo can’t tell them apart.

Grateful for any help or tips!