Unexpected website was found when trying to archive

Hi, I just added a new site to my Piwik and now I have issues with the archiving process.

I tried both

php console core:archive --site-url=http://my-piwik-url.com
php console core:archive --force-idsites=2 --site-url=http://my-piwik-url.com

and I got the same error message saying:

An unexpected website was found, check idSite in the request

When changed my setting to allow real-time archiving through browser, it seems to be working OK and report looks fine. But when I do the archiving through command line again, the same error still occurred. Please help. Thank you.

Anyone experienced this issue and know how to resolve it? Thank you.

Hi there,

do you still have the problem with our latest version 2.16.1? if so, please create an issue on Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub with steps you used to reproduce.