Uncaught SyntaxError: redeclaration of let categoryInfo

We just got this error in our browser:

Who can say something about this, is this currently a bug in Matomo or an error on our part?

I would say probably on your part.
How did you declare the container in your page?
Try to debug your container with disabling HTML or JavaScript tag or adding some console.log in them…

Just saw it is in the View_Item_List and here you can see it directly:

I created the View_Item_List in TagManager like this:




Since it’s new to me, I followed a guide I found on the internet:

Are you sure you don’t use (declare) this variable (``) in another place in the whole page / scripts called by this page?

Yes, I’m sure of that even if I change the variable again, e.g. WSC_categoryInfo

comes this message.

Can you tell us:

  • The Matomo version
  • The browser version

I solved it with the post: Tracking blockiert - Wie besser tracken? - #6 by Thomas_Zeithaml

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