Uncaught EvalError due to missing unsafe-eval in CSP

(Christoph Berger) #1


I cannot get a new Matomo instance to work on a server that has no unsafe-eval rule in the CSP. The UI renders incompletely (no data), and the browser console shows “uncaught EvalError” messages.

The only similar issue I found here is https://forum.matomo.org/t/problems-with-tight-csp-policies/28405; however, this thread died with no solution.

I would be grateful for any hint that helps me fixing this. Thanks.

Uncaught EvalError: Refused to evaluate a string as JavaScript because 'unsafe-eval' is not an allowed source of script in the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline' ... (couple of (sub)domains following here)".

The failing script is index.php, module Proxy, action getCoreJs:


(Fabian Dellwing) #2

Just add 'unsafe-eval' after 'unsafe-inline' in your CSP.

(Christoph Berger) #3

Thank you for the quick reply Fabian, however, for security reasons this is not an option. There should be a way of running Matomo without having to allow unsafe scripting techniques.