Unable to trace Intranet Sites. Need Help! Please!

I just configured Piwik on an Internal IIS Server and added few Intranet sites to trace.
Not Sure why, piwik is unable to get any information??
If i browse the sites from the IIS Server where I have configured Piwik it is picking up the details, However when I browse from my PC or iPad Piwik shows nothing.

I checked the Site and Forum and configured config.ini.php file
trusted_hosts[] = “trusted host name here”

trust_visitors_cookies = 1

host = "proxy server name"
port = 80

Is there anything i’m missing?? Could someone help please…

Thank you.

Have you had a look here?

Sorry, I just realised you’ve already looked there. If you view a page you’re trying to track do you see the Piwik tracking code in the source?

Thanks for your reply…

Yes I do. I can see that in the Source Page.

When i tried from Chrome on my Laptop, I see that Piwik object(marked in red) coming from piwik.js is showing as “NOT DEFINED”… but the same code works on the local server. Any idea on what should I do?

try {
var piwikTracker = Piwik.getTracker(pkBaseURL + “piwik.php”, 6);
} catch( err ) {

check the piwik.js URL in the code is valid and the JS code can load.

Matt, the piwik code is valid and i’m able to track Firfox, Safari and Chrome visits… But for IE its not working. I checked for any extension i might have installed in IE and there are none.
Not sure where else i need to check. could you please help. thank you.

Are you using the latest version of IE? IE 9 or 10 or whatever it is has DoNotTrack automatically set.

Piwik ignore the DoNotTrack in IE but please try to disable DNT.

Also do you see any javascript error in ie ?

Hi Matt, you were right!
Piwik tracks the IE visits when I trun off the DNT in IE… Is there a way where piwik can automatically ignore the DNT requests from IE???

What is the user agent of your browser ?

eg. go to http://demo.piwik.org/libs/UserAgentParser/UserAgentParser.test.php and copy paste “your user agent” line