Unable to See Widgets on External Site

We’re trying to embed the stats/dashboard widget onto an external site and we can’t get it to work.

Intended Goal:
· Embed Piwik stats via iframe to external domain

Attempted Implementation
· Followed instructions within Piwik documentation
· Edited config file to enable framed implementation
· Set user “Anonymous” to have public read permissions
· Retrieved iframe code and placed within simple html/php file.

· Iframe not parsing.
· Javscript error generated as follows:
“Browser Javascript error at position (2444:122): Expected identifier, string or number index.php?module=Proxy&action=getCoreJs&cb=778cc6ed4804308c5556434f859ddc6c (2444:122)”

Server Environment
· PHP 5.4 (tried second attempt with identical results with fresh install using a php 5.5 environment)
· NGINX Web Server

Attempted Troubleshooting
· Fresh install on a PHP 5.5 environment using Apache
· Changed ownership of files and folders to user instead of user nobody/apache/nginx

Need assistance please to further troubleshoot and understand what needs to be done, preferably in a step by step documented procedure. Thanks for your time.

Do you get this error in several browsers?

When you export the same widget using demo.piwik.org does it work well?

We are unable to see it in any browsers, Chrome, FireFox, IE or Safari. We have installed the same widget from the Demo and it works fine. This is why we’re driving ourselves crazy as we kind find any reason for the issue.

Go to this URL and look at line 2444 at column 122 -> what is there?

try to delete piwik/tmp/ folder and try again?

there is no column “122” at that URL… and line 2444 is
function giveViewAccessToUser(userLogin)