Unable to resolve URL encoding issue with Graph api

Hi there,
Thanks for the latest updates and the import tool I can finally return to using piwik again as the JS system was failing on resource issue for high traffic sites.

My problem is related to getting graph images for downloads of a particular URL. I have spent the better part of the day setting up piwik and installing graph on my site.

INFO: Piwik env - Apache 2.x php 5.2.10 and mysql5 running in vhost. piwik version 1.8.3
Piwiki data source : nginx Log import, i use ncsa_extended as that works with my nginx ccombined format.

The dashboard works fine and I can see the data for the partial logs I imported today.

I was also able to get the graph api to give me graph (it took a lot of reverse engineering by guessing the label, parameters etc from the dashboard requests)

I get the downloads graph by using the label parameter = example.com/x/filename.exe

sample request


The above label I got from the access logs for the dashboard of downloads. Weirdly i have to add a ‘>’ and the ‘%252F’ in my img src embed for this to work.

logs show something like this for the slash ‘example.com%3E%252Ffilename.exe’

I am using javascript to embed the

anyone has any ideas about this? I am not sure what way this label needs to be encoded. a simple javasccript encodeURI did not do the trick. I can do an str_replace sort of thing but not even sure what the url is expecting here. Just looks like a double encoding issue to me

thank you

anyone can help me figure this out pls?

Thanks for your report!

would it be possible that you replicate this using the http://demo.piwik.org as an example?

if you can replicate on the demo the problem, it will make it easy for us to investigate and create a bug report. thx!

Thank you so much for responding.

I use the Actions-> Downloads as an example. the static file being downloaded is piwik.js
we can see there is indeed stats for this.

above will not work. Also apache 2.x does not allow url encoding of slashes for some security reason so I try it as is.
Now we only have problem with the label parameter So I try a few.


the arrow probably wants to indicate depth since this is not a flat data source. Above works for demo site. However it does not work on my apache hosted piwik. This is the first problem. What I get is essentially no data and I am looking at the data in the dashboard so its there for teh same date and period. Is there a special piwik config here I am missing?

Sorry my PHP version is 5.2.10, will correct my first post.

forgot to add that I saw this post in SO How do you configure Apache/PHP to accept slashes in query strings? - Stack Overflow could it be a php issue as user Alex mentioned?

above will not work. Also apache 2.x does not allow url encoding of slashes for some security reason so I try it as is.

What error was apache displaying when you tried as is?

there is no error anytime at all. Now in the logs or otherwise. all i get is a graph with “No Data”. it works for some url’s if I do the >/ method but most of them give me no data in the graph.

and it works 100% fine on the demo ?

so, maybe it is due to a seting on the server?

Well , there is no mention of what setting is needed by piwik.
secondly it does work on my server, but for some files and not for others. There is no way to tell any pattern here. Some files give stats others dont. Since demo has only one file it’s hard to tell.

Can you try if you can replicaet on the demo, with other downloads from: Matomo Forums - 2012 - Web Analytics Reports - Matomo


here you go. remember to remove the space in the URL as for some reason forum is not wrapping the long lines. (atleast for me) so i broke the line to two.

Thanks for the report! I created a comment in a related bug: Row Evolutions not returning data for Actions.get[Entry|Exit]PageTitles · Issue #3361 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

thank you, is there anything I can do now to fix this? some quick code edit ?
thanks again