Unable to read INI file

Hi, I’m trying to install PIWIK latest version in my Centos 7 server.

I’m getting below error after giving the permissions to my config.ini.php file.

“Unable to read INI file {/piwik/config/config.ini.php}: Syntax error in INI configuration: Your host may have disabled parse_ini_file().”

When i try to check the system environment, there is no error because of the parse_ini function, this function is working fine in the server.

You can see that in the below link, https://staging.gocuti.com/jsphpi.php My db password contains special characters, is this reason for getting this error ? Can you please help me to fix this error ?

Karthika Radhakrishnan

What special characters are in your DB password?

Because the ini file is actually coded in PHP, there are certain restrictions that have to be observed.

If you can e-mail me your config.ini.php file, I can have a look at it. Use this e-mail address:
gkroll at keldine dot ca


Thanks for your answer. My email is not delivered to the account which u have shared gkroll@keldine.com

Can you please share your correct mail id ?

The last part is ca , not com. Please check my orginal reply carefully.

I have received the e-mail with the requested configuration file.

The database password contains a left parenthesis and a left square bracket. In this case, the PHP parse_ini_file() function requires the database password to be enclosed in double quotes.

I have advised the user to enclose the password in double quotes. If the Piwik configuration wizard does not permit enclosing the password in double quotes or if it handles those double quotes incorrectly, the user is advised to raise a bug report. In any case, even if the wizard does not behave properly, the ini file can be edited manually to add those required double quotes.


I have updated my password enclosed with double quotes in the config file.

After doing that i’m getting below error,

Error: Piwik is already installed.
Go back to Piwik.

Can you please advise me that why am getting this error ?

Karthika Radhakrishnan

Thanks you save my day :wink: