Unable to open plugins tab

When I click on the plugins tab from the settings page I get this error:

[quote=“Unable to load plugin ‘config’ because ‘/opt/lampp/htdocs/piwik/plugins/config/config.php’ couldn’t be found. You can manually uninstall the plugin by removing the line Plugins[] = config from the Piwik config file.”]

I don’t have a config.php inside plugins/config. I have:


Is this something I can manually create? I am running piwik 1.2.1

Sounds like you created a directory called “config” in your plugins folder.

I just unzipped and ran the installer. I have since upgraded a few times using the web integrated update.

Should that folder not exist?

Piwik has a sanity check on the plugins folder.

In your case, you have a “config” folder in your “plugins” folder, e.g., piwik/plugins/config/

It should be looking in piwik/config/ not piwik/plugins/config/ correct?

Thank you for your assistance.