Unable to login after update

I’ve just updated a Piwik install from… something old, 1.3 maybe… to 1.9.2.

I now get “Error: Username & Password not correct” whenever I try to login.

I’ve tried the password reset form, and got the email, and clicked the link in it. This takes me to a login form that tells me my password has been updated: however, when I try to log in, I get the “Error: Username & Password not correct” again.

I’m looking at the contents of the “piwik_user” database table. I can see that when I submit a password reset form, the “password” and “token_auth” fields get updated to new values, so I assume that part’s working.

I see two options:

  1. The password MD5… how is that generated? I’m assuming it’s salted, because it still didn’t work when I replaced it with an MD5 hash I generated myself. What’s the salt? Can I just overwrite the password hash with one of my own?

  2. The global “Admin” user. I don’t see it listed in this table so presumably that login info is elsewhere. Where is it and how can I reset it? I have full access to the webserver and database.


try login with the super user ? the details are stored in config/config.ini.php