Unable to install Piwik From Parallel Plesk Panel


I’m unable to install piwik 2.3.0 from Parallel Plesk Panel i’m getting an error " Warning: Unable to install Piwik. It requires preliminary configuration by your hosting provider. "

Following is My Hosting configuration:

Plesk Version: 11.5.30
PHP Version: 5.4.30
MySql Server version: 5.5.36
Database client version :5.0.10

attached error snap. kindly help me to resolve this issue

Hello, this message does not come from Piwik itself. Your server configuration looks OK. do you know where this message comes from?

Hello Matt,

This message i’m receiving in Plesk Panel when i’m tryting to do One Click install and even i’m not able to do manual installation too.

Can any one help to fix this issue?