Unable to increase Custom Dimension count

Hi, I have a self hosted matomo version on a Kubernetes cluster, deployed through helm charts and I want to increase the custom dimension count for both visit and action scope. I ran the command on a local ubuntu setup through terminal to test custom dimension count increase

./console customdimensions:add-custom-dimension --scope=action --count=15

This command worked instantly in the locally deployed version and the count was increase. However running command in console for prod deployment of Kube cluster is not possible, so I ran the command through helm charts like this:

- kubectl exec --namespace ${APP_NAME_AND_NAMESPACE} container-name  -- bash -c "chmod +x ./bitnami/matomo/console && echo y | ./bitnami/matomo/console customdimensions:add-custom-dimension --scope=visit --count=15"

The response for this command running through helm charts showed success in output(check screenshot). But the custom dimensions didn’t get added in the kube cluster deployed matomo instance. Is there any reason why is this happening? Is there something I can do to verify the updation command output of custom dimension? The use case is working fine in local ubuntu env but Kube cluster deployment fails to update count, even though it shows success after I run the command