Unable to delete Users as Super User


we are currently unable to delete Users in our Matomo instance. It prompts to enter a password and when we enter the correct password (checked many times) it still says “The current password you entered is not correct.”

Do we have to enter a different password? The password of the user we want to delete? Did something change? Or is it a bug in our system?

Thank you!

Hello @mohammad-sarwar

First of all, sorry for this very late answer.
Do you still encounter this issue?
Do you use Matomo on premise or Matomo for WordPress?
If you use Matomo for WordPress, could you please post your system report? Also I’ve created a test script to help us to identify where the problem is. If you have 5 minutes, could you follow the procedure I explained in the post and email me the output? https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo-for-wordpress/issues/682#issuecomment-1455261306

Kind regards


I’m seeing the same issue as this, standalone Matomo on-premise (not WordPress)

Same here, cannot delete any users as a super-admin (Matomo v4.14.1, self hosted, no WP installation).

Solved the problem by using a simpler password.

Previous password was: PC0xq}t:Dj3!VY~ma#}&
New simple password: 12341234
(2FA was still enabled in both cases)

After that, the deletion was working.

Also documented here: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo-for-wordpress/issues/682