Unable to add more than 3 websites

Regardless if I try to add new sites to our account manually or with a script, I am getting an errant response that the account is limited to a maximum of 3 websites.

When I click view plans, it appears to be set up according to our agreement, however the error persists and we are unable to add sites at all.


Are you using Matomo Cloud?

Yes. It’s a new account, but we’ve been at this for a week. Seems to be set up properly, however we can’t get past this 3 site limit.

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I have forwarded this to the Cloud team.


We are up to 13 sites now, still struggling to add the entire fleet. When we try to add new websites through the Matomo API, a few of the requests succeed and add the website while others fail with a 503 Service Unavailable server error. The message we get back is "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.”

Adding a long delay in the script between sites solved this. A 5 second delay works.

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