UI Has Trouble Fully Loading

I’m having trouble getting the UI to fully load.

When I first log in, it takes me a a blank white page, but if i view the source I can see source code. I have to manually edit the URL in the address bar to get it to load a page.

When a page does load, many of the widgets will not display data, but a few will. If I hit the refresh button repeatedly, the widgets on the page will alternate working/not working. I’ve never been able to get 100% of the widgets to work all together.

If I use a different browser the same problem happens (although it’s different widgets in each browser).

Tracking works perfectly, it’s just the display that does not work.

Any tips on what to do? I’ve tried clearing the cache and re-installing. The error log on the server shows no errors and my browser supports flash and javascript. Also, when I visit the piwik demo on this site, all the widgets there load just fine.

Any help?

Who is hosting your website ?

I’m hosting it on my VPS server through Servint.

I’m experiencing the same kind of issue with 1.6. Seems to be a server problem.
See last posts of Error widget after updating from 1.4 to 1.5
Yet unsolved for me…