UI for segmentation


We have a requirement to filter the reports by Gender, Age, User Type. I am able to capture these attributes in custom variable and display them under Visitors -> Custom Variables.

If the user has to filter on any of these further, I understand we use segmentation, but is there any UI for doing this? any custom UI for adding/updating segmentation variables ?

Not yet we are looking for sponsors to help partially fund this feature’s development!

Segmentation: implement UI for adding/editing segments, and switching segments · Issue #2135 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Happy New Year! If you are still using Piwik and interested in the awesome new feature of “Creating a Custom Segment in Piwik and apply to reports in Real time!” we need YOUR help, with a little or big donation at: http://crowdfunding.piwik.org/custom-segments-editor/

This will allow to dynamically add or edit, a new set of rules for example “Show all visitors from USA and using Firefox and using Google”. This will be done via a simple to use interface. See screenshots and more info here: http://crowdfunding.piwik.org/custom-segments-editor/

We are crowd funding the future of Piwik and this feature in particular. With your help we can do it.