Two problems concerning users

One of our users (admin for a website) noticed that he can see other users as well. Why is that? I then noticed that he can also change access rights for these other users to his website. These users have been created to access other websites, not his one! In my understanding other users (Admin or not) should not be able to view/edit other users unless the super-user assigns these users to a certain website (a functionality that doesn’t seem to exist). This is with Piwik 1.1.1. I don’t know if this problem existed earlier. Is this really intentional?

With the same user we noticed that I (super-user) cannot list the PDF reports that he created (and he can see). Shouldn’t the super-user be able to see this list?

I’d appreciate a reply from one on the piwik team on this, thanks. Or should I report these as bugs? (At least the second one looks like a bug to me, while the first could be by design, although not desirable.)

  1. this is by design. If you don’t want users to see other users, set them as ‘View’
  2. by design, super user is not able to view/modify PDF or user settings for other users

Thanks for the reply.

  1. The problem with setting users to view is that then they cannot edit or view certain settings. A non-admin user cannot even see the tracking code. I don’t understand the logic behind this.
  2. Again, I don’t understand the logic behind this, why can’t the super-user see the reports? I can delete the user and the website as the super-user and can see all other stuff (AFAIK), but not the PDF reports list? Doesn’t make sense to me.

BTW, I found another quirky thing. On the “Manage access page” there is a “Websites” dropdown. The dropdown includes two lines of “All websites”. However, if you choose “All websites” you just get the first listed website.

  1. fair enough, it makes sense to challenge this design :wink: I created a ticket New admin setting: Should admin users see the list of all users in Piwik? · Issue #2028 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub - please post there if any feedback or comment

  2. this is a ‘missing feature’ not a bug. You currently cant see user settings or PDF for all users.

  3. fixed bug in trunk Regression: UsersManager> Apply to all websites not working · Issue #1979 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

1.) Thanks for filing this request. I just added a comment.
2.) Should I file a request for it or do you think it doesn’t have a chance to get fulfilled in the foreseeable future?
3.) Thanks for fixing!