Two new tables per month

Hi. I noticed that every month a new table is being created in my database. This is happening since january 2015. The table is:


I think this is not good, because my host is shared and the Policies says that I have a limit of 2000 tables, if two new tables are being created every month, this will limit my server in future because I don’t have only Piwik, but more two databases in my server.

So my question is, there is a way to disable this? Thank you

Hello theallzaz,

I found your topic when i was searching for info and help, because i’ve the same problem. I installed Piwik in January 2011, and now the database size exceeds the limit 100MB defined by my webhoster. The piwik_archive_blob files have a size of 1-3 MB each. I track only three websites with a small number of visitors, so this database size of Piwik is intense! I know, several spam robots have caused a lot of the traffic. I blocked them already. Would be fine to delete the logs of such spam robots somehow…

There is an option within Piwik to delete old visitor logs and ‘reports’(!). But i fear that would make Piwik useless for me, since i often change the time range for the charts. So far i understand, Piwik reads the log files each time I change the time range. And i have no clue how the word ‘Report’ is defined here, what they are, how they get generated and whether they are generated only once… Piwik can send out Email Reports, perhaps those are meant, only here I read the word ‘Report’ within Piwik. I have no clue what happens if Piwik would delete the logs and/or reports.

Its pity, that Piwik is such a blown up and heavy tool. Considering the time i spend on maintaining it, I have to admit there is not a big value from it. It might fit bigger websites with a shop or bigger projects with full access to the server. Perhaps its time to look out for an alternative.

Wish you a nice weekend,

I just delete the tables that are older than 1 year. I never want to go back more than a few months.

canajun2eh, but it makes the piwik useless for me.

And the problem is happening since january, so all the time everything ok, but why now it need to create two new tables per month? What is the difference from 2014 to 2015? If this belongs a new tool, so there should be a option to disable it.

I will wait more 1 month, if I do not find a solution, unfortunately I’ll have to replace the Piwik by another application (I really like Piwik but will have no other option, my host rules is more important than this)

Hi theallzaz,

if you are limited to 100Mb database, I recommend you delete the old data. Make sure you keep the checkbox “Keep basic metrics” checked, so that you still keep Number of visits, actions, goals, etc. But it will delete the “blob” reports from your tables archive_blob_* which will save a lot of space.

User guide is at: Managing your database’s size - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Hopefully this will keep Piwik useful for you… we built this feature with this in mind, that the “basic metrics / numbers” are most useful to keep historically (and also they take much less disk space!)