Two more pieces of informations on Piwik 2.0?


since the comment version is still not working (Ticket 4190)…

@team: Many thanks for all the work and this great overview on Piwik 2.0

To cover two more fields of information would be awesome:

  1. How to upgrade from 1.12 => 2.0. (Of course only in a testing environment):
    is it same like coming from 1.11 =>1.12?
    Do I have to aspect something special during upgrade?
    Do all plugins have to be made compatible and in the new market before one could use them?

  2. Looking from today: What maybe a Release Month of 2.0 final?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2
  1. upgrade should be the same yes! we try to make it as smoooth as possible

  2. In november we hope


many thanks. sounds great :slight_smile:


May I suggest releasing a 1.12.1 before letting 2.0 out ?

Version 1.12 may seems boring but people in production will not jump on an upgrade before several months anyway…


(Fabian Becker) #5

There will most likely be an 1.13 before 2.0 is released to fix a few bugs in the 1.X branch.


Hello Fabian and other CoreTeam members,

We’re in January 2014 and still no 1.12.1 or 1.13 announced.

I see a 1.13-a1 there: from last September but nothing “official”.

With all the reports about upgrading problems and the fact that there’s no rollback possible from 2 to 1.1x, I will wait a long time before migrating a Piwik installation with more than 4 millions pageviews…

Any input available from the Team ?


(Matthieu Aubry) #7

as far as we know there are no critical bugs in Piwik 2.0. All users that upgrade make it work, we’ve fixed almost all bugs… please try out 2.0 as it is by far superior and we don’t plan to maintain 1.x branch, unless for security issues.