Twice the visits in Matomo 3.4 v.s. 2.16.5

Hi all,

We are unable to upgrade to 3.4 until we get a resolution on this topic, or even a hint of what is causing Matomo 3.4 to track twice the number of visits as Piwik 2.16.5.

Our process was to duplicate our existing server (by imaging it) and run the upgrade by the manual upgrade method. Now we’re running both servers side-by-side and our expectation would be that they would track the same numbers it all cases.

This screenshot shows the issue:

We are also tracking this site in GA, which also basically agrees with 2.16.5:

On the top is 3.4 and the bottom 2.16.5. Same date range, same site etc. We’re funneling data to both servers by using the dual tracker method


I looked at the apache log files and both servers show about 30K log entries for the same date range and site above.

2.16.5: 314000
3.4: 312017

I also started looking at the visitor log. Notice that Visit 1 is at 22:21:13 and visit 2 is at 22:22:44

That tells me that the visit lifetime here is around 30 seconds.

I added this value to config.ini and reprocessed logs and it made no difference.

visit_standard_length = 3600

By the way. Looking at the exact same visitor in the current 2.16.5 system it shows the above 2 visits as a SINGLE visit, which is correct.

Another view on the same problem. Notice this single visit is broken into two visits.

Hi there, thanks for the report. This is something we’d like to investigate. Could you please check that both config files are the same in your two instances? And any chance we could get temporary view access to your instance by email at support att ? Thanks


Yes thanks. The machine was imaged from our production to create this new copy so everything is identical. The only thing we did was add the new hostname to trusted_hosts[].

I will email access information. Thanks again!

Hi, access information has been sent via email.

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Hello Matt, What if in a first visit multiple requests to Piwik tracker are made as a same time?
I think we don’t have any thing to handle this concurrent issue. If the request are made as exactly the sametime, Piwik would create different visits for each request.
But for visit with different time it would might a different problem.

We installed the QueuedTracking plugin and the number of visits aligned much closer. I would say to an acceptable level. All numbers are off by a relatively small percentage (<2%), but it’s acceptable.

We manually reviewed the log and it appears the issue of simultaneous tracking requests creating multiple visits has gone away with QueuedTracking. We are still running both servers side-by-side and will continue monitoring.

I wonder if there are other high-traffic Websites out there that are significantly over-reporting their visits?


For anyone else searching for answers on this issue see this post: