Trying to understand results returned by Actions.getPageUrls


When calling Actions.getPageUrls what does it mean when there are separate rows for labels such as


where ‘somelabel’ will show 37 unique visits
and ‘/somelabel’ will show 10 unique visits

I know that ‘somelabel’ is a group/rollup of all pages under '/somelabel/'
I am wondering if the count of hits to ‘/somelabel’ is included in this rollup, or if I have to figure out a way to manually add them in?

E.g. to get the total number of unique visitors to a whole subdir that includes ‘/somelabel’ as well as ‘/somelabel/test1’, etc… can I just look at the count for ‘somelabel’ or do I have to add the counts for ‘/somelabel’ and ‘somelabel’?



I’ve done some more close looking and see that sometimes the single row ‘/somelabel’ has more vistors/unique visitors than the group ‘somelabel’ and sometimes it is the other way around - which leads me to believe that the group ‘somelabel’ does NOT capture visits to the top-level url ‘/somelabel’ but only things under somelabel such as ‘somelabel/page1’.

This seems like incorrect behavior to me - is there any time where ‘/somelabel’ (e.g. really loading the default /somelabel/index.html) should be counted OUTSIDE of the group of other pages loaded under ‘somelabel/’?

Is there any way to include these in a rollup summary.

My end goal is to gauge the popularity of each section of the site - so as you can see - I would want the number of unique vistors for all of ‘/somelabel’ and not to have these broken out separately.

Please see the attached screenshot image for an example of what I am seeing.


(Matthieu Aubry) #3

‘/somelabel’ reports views for the page /somelabel
/somelabel/index reports views for the page /somelabel/
/somelabel/page1 reports views for /somelabel/page1



True, but there is also the very useful grouping of all pages UNDER /somelabel, which shows up as ‘somelabel’ with the plus next to it.

I find that to be very helpful, since the popularity of a site contained under the directory /somelabel SHOULD be the sum of hits to all underlying pages.

The question I am trying to answer is “how popular is the site made up of pages under /somelabel, including the top-level /somelabel page?”

With Piwik, it doesn’t seem I can answer that since /somelabel is counted separately from everything UNDER /somelabel.

Is this making sense? Did you take a look at the attached screenshot?

Thanks again,

(Matthieu Aubry) #5

If you want to count, /somelabel in the group +/somelabe, then you have to redirect your page /somelabel to /somelabel/ (with final slash), then Piwik will count it in the group.