Trying to setup a tag for tracking SMS link clicks

Im having a difficult time trying to make my sms tag work. On my website, I have a button that allows me to input a link. In that input I have sms:123-456-7890 and when a user clicks the button it will open there native text app so they can send a text message directly. Im not able to get the tag to fire off when a user clicks the button. Attached is some pics of my settings. If anyone could give me some help as to what im doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it.

Did you test with the debug mode?
Do you get the pagewiew of the page hosting the form in the Matomo Dashboard? (just to be sure the container is well configured)
How did you configure the Text link trigger?
How did you configure the {{Contact}} variable?

Hey Philippe, thanks for reaching out. I don’t get the page view of the page when in the dashboard. When in debug I and i paste the rest of the query to my domain to go in debug screen it just takes me to my website. Im not sure if this has something to do with me being on a iPad or not. For the contact variable i have these selections checked. Enable link tracking, Enable Cross domain linking, enable heartbeat timer,

In order to reduce the source of problems, first try to test a simple pageview with no condition on a page you browse with a computer (then you will be able to test the debug mode, check if there is no JS error in the console, check the requests sent by the browser to Matomo etc.)
Then you’ll be able to make more complicated adding the tag on your link, and finally test with the tablet…

I was able to get the tag to finally track. But what I’ve noticed is that on browsers the event action I made a tag for will work and display on matomo visits log page just like I wanted it to. But when a mobile user visits the site and does the same actions the tags won’t report? Any idea why that is?