Trying to add reports via API but gets access denied

When trying to use (mysite)?module=API&method=ScheduledReports.addReport… i get a access denied
but when calling (mysite)/?module=API&method=ScheduledReports.getReports&idSite=2635&token_auth=…
i get the lists of reports.
I have a test matomo site. where both i working.
Is there some kind of setup i have missed or something else.

Per Klitgaard

The token you use is for your user account or another one? Can the user add reports on the dashboard? If everything is right in relation to permissions, maybe there is a bug involved. I can send a regular tracking request, but the same token cannot send a bulk tracking request.

The token i use is made om a Super user, and i have testet that it can add reports, so everything is fine that way.
The funny thing is that i have testet it before, using another token on another user
but this is not working either.
I also have at test site. Here is everything working. i can create reports with a token.

The test site is running on the same Matomo version?

Yes the same version 5.01

Maybe file a bug report on Github. I have filed one about Bulk tracking that seems does not authorize.