Troubleshoot different data WooCommerce Report and Matomo eCommerce report

Hi there,

I maintain a small WooCommerce shop where I use Matomo Analytics (via WordPress plugin).

It’s a small shop, so hardly anyone is actually looking at any analytics, however, it’s a good opportunity to learn.

I see that the WooCommerce reports differ from the eCommerce report.
e.g. WooCommerce shows 18 sold items, while Matomo shows only 14 sold items.

What could be the reason for that? How could I troubleshoot that to figure out what’s wrong here?

on which period do you see this difference? (day, week, month, year)
Is there any difference on the number of “transaction” (basket submission)?
Do you track all visits (don’t you disable tracking on DNT parameter or on cookie decline)?

Now that I think about it, that could be it! Of course, if a user has a cookie blocker or refuses to accept the cookies, the data will be missing in Matomo (correct?)

Some examples I just looked up. I am not comparing the actual amount of money yet, just the amount of orders.

This week till now
Matomo: 3 orders
WooCommerce: 3 orders

This month
Matomo: 8 orders
WooCommerce: 8 orders

Previous month
Matomo: 6 orders
WooCommerce: 8 orders

This year
Matomo: 41 orders
WooCommerce: 49 orders

So it seems if there is a mismatch, it’s always fewer orders in Matomo.