Trouble tracking some sites but not others


I have my primary domain with Piwik installed with Hostgator. I have asked them to whitelist all of my domains (reseller account) which they have said they have done.

I have added the different tracking codes to the websites, and have added the extra line of code suggested however I’m not getting any data.

I have another domain with Heartinternet, but this domain is tracking with no problem on my Hostgator install.

I have been through the trouble shooting steps and have tried all of them that are applicable (I think) to no luck.

The only thing that isnt 100% as suggested is that my footer include file is not at the very end of the html, sometimes there may be a few closing divs below the tracking code.

I have to say that this looks amazing and I really hope that I can get this working across all of my domains (which are all likely to end up under the same host eventually).

Thanks in advance.


Ive managed to get this working, but have had to add the code manually to each page rather than including it.