Trigger event based on variable

I am currently refactoring from Google Tag manager to Matomo Tag Manager.
We are using a Cookiebot to handle our GDPR consent banner and I have set up 3 different variables inside Matomo Tag manager to track the value of our 3 different consent options: Marketing , Preferences, and Statistics.

The variables are made using custom JavaScript and will update every time Cookiebot is updating the variables on the window object. This works well. The variables are set to false by default and updated to true if the user has accepted this type of consent (I get this from the window object where cookiebot is storing the info).

Now I would like to set up 3 custom events that trigger when the variable contains false. Example: CookieConsent Marketing is not accepted. This way I will be able to set tags to not fire when no consent is given in this category.

In Google Tag manager you can use the wildcard selector: .* inside the Event Name trigger to fire the event on any event - and then add: Only trigger when (optional) the CookieConsent marketing variable is false.

But in Matomo tag manager the .*wildcard selector doesn’t seem to work/fire. Can I do something similar instead? I need some way to avoid certain tags being set when the variable is set to false.

I am of course also open to any other way to set this up. Basically, I have a list of different tags that I need to fire only when consent is given within the correct category/categories.

In Google tag manager there is a built-in Consent Management Platform, but here in Matomo, I have a hard time figuring out how to configure this manually.

I have referred to Cookiebots own documentation where they describe how to implement the cookie-banner with Matomo:
I have created 3 individual variables that will show the current state of the 3 different consent types (true/false) but I am still unsure how to make sure the tags are not fired until consent is true?