Hi guys,

I just installed the Piwik Treemap plugin. The installation process reported no issues and I can see the plugin as active in the plugin list.
However, I can’t see where to access the plugin. Neither can I add it as widget to the dashboard, nor can I see any menu item or icon in specific rows (e.g. in Pages - even if a row is completely unfolded).

Any ideas why that might be?


What this plugin should do, is add a new icon, below all reports, with the Treemap icon. Clicking on this icon will load the current report as Treemap. Hope it helps!

Hi Matt,

ah, below the report! I found it. It was hidden in this dropdown menu at the bottom of the page, which needed to be opened first. Maybe there should be a note about this somewhere, because it is really easy to miss. Well, there is this thread now.