Hi, is it official translation portal of piwik.
Can I download translations from there?

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No, all translations are automatically included with the latest Piwik beta, see; Update - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I try to translate with your translation portal, but, it is easiest to translate local.
I almost finish translation for Croatian. Can I upload it to translation portal or someone of piwik admin can upload manually, or shoud I post it here?
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Please send the finished translation file to I’ll do the import then.


@komir: Are you already finished with the translations?
We will publish 2.1 stable soon. Would be cool to have your croatian translations included.
Feel free to send even a incomplete file - it will still be more then we already have :wink:

Hi, have a incomplete file, Iam little busy with my core business, sorry. I will send file tomorrow. Tonight I will add few more lines.

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