Translation links/URL


Would it be difficult to make Piwik reconize when people wiew our pages through Google translate tool ?
Because, as it is, it does this :


And it’s not pretty at all.

That URL should not appear in the list of visited pages by URL. Maybe in it’s own widget about translation.


We still get the Google translation link/URL in the pages widget.
The following link is a screen capture :

(vipsoft) #3


Oh, thanks.

I would add to the suggestion to make a widget that show wich page has been viewed by the translation tool and for each of them in wich language the visitor was translating it into.

But to my liking, visits by the way of the translation tool should be fusionned together with normal visits in the URL/Page title widgets. If my preceeding suggestion could be done, it wouldn’t pose any problem to do that.