Trank PDF reading session

Hi Matomo Community!
I’m completely new to the platfom and I need some help. I’m creating a Wordpress website which supplies pdf documents for online reading. This is achieved in a tab next to the document description by shortcode, which launches the plugin PDF Embedder Secure. The plugin is loaded only if the user is logged in and if he has appropirate access rights and the PDF opens within the page. This is made to assure that those PDFs will not be downloaded. However, the employer needs some stats about the usage of the feature, i.e. he wants to be able to track which PDFs have been opened and for how long (in minutes) and eventualy - by who / username. Namely, I need some settings in order to make Matomo:
1| Track which PDF is opened in the plugin (page visit is not a good metrics since not all users have access to the PDF).
2| Add a clock which shall measure how long (minutes) the PDF reading session lasts. This requirement is in place to prevent “Overreading”, a.e. somebody shall not read a given PDF any longer than some “fair usage” time.
3| Aggregate the data to see which “collections” / “types” of PDF are the most (and longest) read.
Is all this possible to be achieved by Matomo?

I also offer in advance my most sincere gratitude to everyone who gives me insights how to accomplish the task.