Training: Matomo Cloud

Dear Community,

I would like to organize a training for marketers on how to use Matomo. I am based in Germany, any suggestions for a training agency would be very helpful?

or any other guidance for self service learning would also be helpful.

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Hi Chris,
Thank you for your message, have you tried with


Hi @RonanChardonneau, thank for the reply. I will try contacting them.

Were you satisfied with the services/training?

well, i never tried because I am a trainer myself, but you can having a look at his conference at and see if it makes sense.

Thanks @RonanChardonneau.

@RonanChardonneau Do you offer trainings too?

I do, but until the end of this year I am focusing on writing the book about Matomo because the demand for trainings is too high so I couldn’t answer to everyone.
We did those trainings videos maybe it can help:

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@RonanChardonneau Best of luck for your book. Thank you for the training videos. Let me know if you want to make an exception to offer trainings this year.

Hi @clobo , you can also ask me.

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