Traffic Not Being Listed

I recently made some changes to a site and wanted to make sure Piwik was working before I launched a new campaign. I updated the plugin on the site, but Piwik did not recognize the visitor I had on this new site from my VPS in Germany. I then tried a different ip address using Hide My Ass. I thought it might have been a cookie installed on my computer, so I ask one of my writers to access the site from the United Arab Emirates and that visitor also wasn’t listed. Clicky recognize the visitors and had the stats I was looking for, but I have no idea why Piwik did not recognize the visitors.

Does anybody know why this might happen? I have the plugin updated and its listed in my master piwik account.

Maybe disable Privacy > Do Not Track which could explain such difference, otherwise it should work ?

I currently have all options in the Privacy page set to no. Still not tracking people for this site. I have piwik installed on another site and its working great. I’m pulling my hair out over here lol

Debug as explained in:
to find the exact problem