Traffic Exchange Splash Page Tracking

I am the owner of a traffic exchange and have come across the matomo system, uploaded to my servers and set up superuser account (myself), Initial views are what a great piece of works and just what i seem to be looking for, its just a case of knowing how and if possible.
I have many members using my traffic exchange which gives them a list of Splash Pages to promote to increase their personal income potential. I am trying to find a system that will deisplay each members individual splash page views and details of where was link clicked from, location, etc
The splash pages look as follows:
At present there are currently 18 different Splash pages the members can use, which i set up a separate website views in matomo using the group option.
When viewing the “Splash Pages” details it shows all of the members #AFFILIATEID# i.e 1, 2,3 etc etc
Is there a way to just show the results for say AFFILIATE ID 1 and then be able to embed this in a members page which they can only access after they have logged into their account. At the moment i see that say Splash Page 14 was seen 5 times and details which members link was used:
Obviously i dont want, as im sure the member as well, other members knowing which of your splash pages are working well and where to advertise them.
Sorry for lonmg explanation, and i hope i have come across clear enough.
Any info and guidance will be much appreciated