Hi - I’m trying to use the TrackSiteByUrl (TrackSiteByUrl - automatically set idsite in tracking request based on current page’s URL · Issue #2371 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub) for dynamic site tracking using the same tracking code on the pages. I’m trying to modify it slightly to add the site if the idsite isn’t found.

It seems like the plugin is running, but things are not initialized as it may expect them to be…for instance, there is an exception from Piwik::setUserIsSuperUser() due to ‘access’ not being a registered key in Zend_Registry.

Any ideas? I tried fudging the superuser access, but ran into additional things not configured.


Sorry, I’ve been busy. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow, and will see if we can get it up and running with the latest Piwik version.

Cool - I’ll be hanging out in the IRC channel all day, if you get a chance and would like faster communication than the forum.

Using the forum is much better as people can more easily find answers for their questions.

Definitely more convenient than knowing/using IRC logs.


Sorry for the noob questions. Seems like I successfuly installed and activated the plugin on the latest piwik (1.6).

Now what ? Where can I find the code that I should add to the sites ?

Also, I understand that I should manually add the sites URLs like always (on settings->websites) ?


Please Advise.