Tracking works, but some stats are not updated along


I have a small multi-site Wordpress installation with 6 blogs (little traffic). Recently, I switched visitor tracking to Piwik (1.1 initially). Nothing was changed from the standard installation, and I auto-upgraded to 1.2 and 1.2.1 without any error. The tracking code was injected using WP-Piwik. Also, I am using the Android client to check stats.

A few days ago, I noticed that one of my sites doesn’t show the little bar graph on the Android client. The other five load one after another, but one place stays blank. Since today, this expanded to two more. First, I thought this might be a problem of the Android client, but the Web client has issues too.

When I check the real time visitors log, it seems to track just fine. But that doesn’t apply to all the other widgets. I can clearly see an entry in the real time log showing a certain search term that doesn’t appear in the search terms box. The same problem exists with other stats (like visitor counts).

Can this be repaired? And how?

EDIT: This issue partially resolved itself. The missing entries from live log are now represented in the other widgets.

The problem with the Android client persists, though. But it only concerns the tiny graphs in the site overview. I don’t think anyone here cares enough to know an answer, it is by default deactivated anyway. :slight_smile: