Tracking without cookies + cookie consent: enhanced tracking after consent

Is it possible to gather more accurate PII after cookie consent has been provided by the user when initially using tracking without cookies (i.e. using cookie consent only)?

Initially, we anonymize all possible data which we can, but if/when the user gives consent, we would like to obtain the data which was anonymized e.g. IP address or referrer URL so analytics can be enhanced. Is it possible? If so, could you help out to configure it?

Maybe you’re interested on creating a custom opt-out form.

Thanks for your suggestion! I do actually use CookieYes for it. Though, the integration is not really working very well for me (could be another theme in the general questions).
My experience/guess is that when one uses the cookie consent option i.e. tracking without cookies + cookies to get few perks, the information which is anonymized- baseline to collect some data without an explicit consent - cannot be “converted” back even if consent is given. But I would like to get confirmation this is the correct understanding.

The other different issue is the integration with cookieyes. Once I put the script code provided by Matomo in the header, I experience 2 things:

  • irresponsive page if the user does not take any action in the consent banner, which I guess is due to the “waiting” part in the script. I wonder if the script placement within the header plays any role.
  • if consent is not given, no tracking at all happens even if it is configured with “cookie consent” - which is contrary to the “cookie consent” concept.

I can start a different discussion for these two matters if needed.

I can’t go any further on technical tracker’s custom implementation. BTW take in consideration, actually Matomo tracker works in asynchrony with page load.