Tracking widgets

(rajnukala) #1


I am trying to understand if piwik supports tracking of widgets . on a single page we have multiple widgets each widget can be submitted to one or many of the social networks. while tracking the site itself is one thing we would like to know where all our widgets have been installed and also track actions performed on these widgets… our widgets are built using javascript …

Any suggestions and ideas in this regards will help us greatly and we are keen on using piwik if it supports such scenario. Think of it more like clearspring , spinlets etc… but without all the glory we want to track widgets ourselves.


(CreativeNotice) #2

I’ve been thinking about this scenario myself, more for Wordpress plugins, but the idea is the same.

I would think as long as you can get the piwik code on the page with your normal widget content it would work. Especially now since the api supports multiple trackers per page; you have less chance of a conflict with the host site.

There would be two options for managing the tracking. Since piwik code is tied to a siteid, you could:

  1. setup one “site” for each of your widgets and use that one siteid in that widget’s code. You would then review it’s usage stats in one place and you would see the stats for each host site under “Actions > Pages”.
  2. you could track each individual host site separately by using the piwik api in your widget creation/registration/etc. form. It would generate a new site in piwik, return the siteid, and your widget creation script could then craft a custom widget for the user with the new piwik siteid in place.

I suggest you try it out. Let us know how it goes.