Tracking WHERE outlinks are clicked

Hi all,

I’m trying to track where a specific outlink is clicked on my site, but haven’t been having much success using either the Behavior > Outlinks or Behavior > Transitions.

Ideally, I’d like to have the exact same view as “Outlinks”, where it shows Clicked Outlink, Clicks, but with the addition field of “Page” or something similar, where I can see what Page the “Clicked Outlink” was clicked on.

Any suggestions/help?

Use segments. With this, you can create specific statistic pages, not only for a domain, but for a specific arrangement/filter like a specific “outgoing link”. This creates a “only this specific outgoing link” statistic.

All visits
– Add new segment
– Behavior
— Clicked Outlink - Equals -

For the first time, you can choose “Test”.
After this, you have a statistic like a domain for the outgoing link.

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Thanks for your assistance! It seems to work (at least in testing)

Whilst I wait for it to be live and populated, may I ask, could I apply this segment to Behavior > Pages and then it would show me the list of pages where the "Outlink Clicked = X was clicked? In turn, I should get a list of all pages where the new segment/outlink was clicked?

you question is not really understandable for me. When you have created the segment, you can choose the statistics in the sidebar like Behavior → Pages / Page titles. When a segment is choosed/ activated, all statistics are only for this segment filter.

Sorry I wasn’t very clear!

Alas, I’ve had the segment now go into production and it works flawlessly.
Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

Hey there, I stumbled into the same issue as @greasy. However, I cannot find the filter u suggested. When creating a new segment, there are only these options: is (not), (does not) contain, starts/ends with. Also, I assume should be my own domain name, but what about /outgoing/link? How should I substitute it? Appreciate it if you could reiterate your answer!