Tracking Visitors from Corporate Domain


I’ve searched the forums but didn’t see anything specific about my particular use case scenario.

What I’m wanting to better understand is whether piwik tracking functionality has the ability to give me specific stats on visitors coming from “common domains/locations”… more specifically, we sell services and products to large companies (Comcast, NBC, American Airlines, etc.).

Our goal for analytics is to help us understand the visitor traffic that is “anonymous”. We have good tools for tracking “opt-in” visitors, but we want to make sure our sales team has awareness when we see traffic coming from a specific “company”. So tracking the domain, IP, and location of the visitor and also “grouping” visitors from the same domain / location is something we’d like to acquire.

Is there a simple “view” of this kind of data we can derive from Piwik?


You can use custom variables to setup some kind of ID for your users? Custom Variables Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo