Tracking Usage of Software


Hi folks! :slight_smile:

I am using Piwik since years for tracking all my websites and I love it!! :slight_smile:
At the university we are developing a software-application which is installed on several machines. Every machine is used by several users and while the software is in development we want to know when, who and who the software is being used.

And this is why it came into my mind, to use Piwik for this! :slight_smile:

The GUI of the Software is written in Qt and I have a running Piwik. Now I would like to hear your ideas, how to use Piwik for tracking. Of course I want different diagrams for different machines and users. I want to see how often it is used and by whom. And I want to compare this!

I would also like to know, how long it is beeing used! And the Software has different usage-modes. This is done by buttons in the GUI. I would like to track also in which mode the software is used.
Last but not leased I would like to know which file was opened: The usage of the software can be done with a custom file, which is selected by the user from USB flash for example.

Do you know how we can use Piwik for this purpose?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Yes Piwik can be used perfectly for this purpose! In fact there are libraries for many languages already available at: Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo

You can use all current features of Piwik such as segmentation, custom variables, and more…

For QT I don’t think we have a Piwik tracking library yet. Are you working in C++ ?

So maybe you would like to write such library taking inspiration for exampel from the iOS SDK or our PHP tracker class. Let me know!


Yes we are using C++ :slight_smile:
Which one is the right library for us?

Can you please give me a little more detailed information about how to do? You said "segmentation, custom variables, and more…"
How for example can we track a user? Is it needed to tell Piwik about all new users, or can this all be done by client-side?
How can we track a file-name, which is absolutly random?
Is their some documentation which describes more or less this purpose?

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I think this article could help you: How to track Mobile apps usage (clicks, phones, errors, etc.) or track software analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo

It describes how to do something similar to measure a mobile app.
in your case you want to measure a QT app.