Tracking "toggle div" links


At the moment I am designing a personal portfolio which consists of one page with several text hyperlinks. When such a link is clicked a div will appear under the link in which some content (pictures, text) is displayed. This content will probably be called by AJAX.

So technically the user will not leave the first and only page when they view the several pieces of content. Is it possible with Piwik to track this too?

I’m not a webdeveloper, just a graphic designer with a limited knowledge of XHTML/CSS so I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

Thanks in advance!


I dont know what Piwik is offering to do this but on one of my sites, Piwik trac URL with a different paremeter as a different page :


On my site it’s a php file, not html and i suppose you could put any string after the equal sing.
That should work if you modify yours links to include a parameter like that.
But, someone that know Piwik more than me could give you another maybe cleaner way to do this.

Please refer to the JavaScript tracking API.
(trackLink or trackPageView are probably what you’re interested in).

Thank you for the replies!