Tracking the number of link clicks

Hi there,

I set up an AB test with different anchor texts and now want to track the number of clicks on each of the two links.

I found this solution:

<a href="#" onClick="javascript:piwikTracker.trackLink('/Register/Now', 'link');">Register now!</a>

<a href="#" onClick="javascript:piwikTracker.trackLink('/Register/Here', 'link');">Register here!</a>

But I can’t find out where to view the click numbers in the piwik backend.

One more thing: Would it be better to use this code?

<a href="#" onclick="javascript:piwikTracker.trackPageView('Register/Now');">Register now!</a>

it’d be better to use trackPageView() indeed. The trackLink() should appear in Actions > Outlinks.


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