Tracking subdirectories with separate user logins?


I did search and did not find an appropriate answer. I apologize if it was discussed already

I run an Atlassian Confluence wiki in an enterprise environment. URLs look like :*
SPACENAME is a top page of a team’s site.
Teams would like to get their stats on trends, visitors, etc.

What is my best option to track all this? have many different sites in Piwik at MYTEAM level by embedding the unique javascript in their pages? or maybe setup goals with “url contains…”?

I would like to track global stats as well - just keep it private, for admin eyes only


If you just want Visits, Actions, Best countries, etc. then a Goal would be the best way to do it.

If you need the FULL set of Piwik reports for each team, you can either:

I would recommend creating goals.