Tracking subdirectories as new website



i have an intranet site and i’m tracking visits to it. in addition to that, it has subdirectories which i also want to track visits as another website but at the same time should also register visits to the main site. so for example, my site is (site A) and it has a subdirectory (site B ), going to would register 1 visit to site A, and going to would register 1 visit to site B and also another visit to site A (so 2 visits now in site A and 1 visit in site B ).

read the section on tracking subdirectories or pages as a different website and i tried it but the result is not the same as i wanted it. using the example above, it produces only 1 visit to site A and 1 visit to site B. read also the FAQ on creating a new visit on demand, this is nearer to what i want but still not right. i tried this and the result was 3 visits on site A and none on site B (one of the visits in site A should be registered instead to site B ).

has anybody done this before or does anybody know how to address the scenario i have above?

thanks in advance