Tracking sub websites (not subdomains)



I am a new Piwik user and we are using Piwik on our intranet (setting up a pilot).

We have quite a heavy intranet usage so our daily visitor count is about 40.000 with 500.000+ pageviews.

Our intranet has te following URL layout:

http://intranet.ext/ <- Portal
http://intranet.ext/company_1/ <- Company 1 intranet site
http://intranet.ext/company_2/ <- Company 2 intranet site

Because each company wanted a own view of their situation I provided a tracking code (website in Piwik) for each website and 1 for the portal.

Now the portal does not recognize eg. http://intranet.ext/company_1/ as an external link? Neither does http://intranet.ext/company_1/ recognize http://intranet.ext/ as a referrer.

Already tried using goals but that also doesn’t fix my problem.

How can I fix this issue?

(If there is a workaround or solution for using 1 tracker code and making separate ‘views’ for the sub sites please share any thoughts)

Kind regards,

Stefan van Gastel
(Native language is Dutch)

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

By default links to the same domain are not counted as outlinks (or there would be too many).
You can however force clicks on specific links to be counted as outlinks, see this doc:


Still does not quite fix this for me. The links to the subsites don’t have classes… Getting the webmasters to change that in the CMS is going te be a even bigger challange…