Tracking specific (custom) HTTP headers

I am setting up a Piwik server to track information of a CMS that is behind a proxy server. The proxy server injects some custom HTTP headers.

How can I track and report information about those custom headers?

While investigating this issue, I bumped into Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo, the answer for the FAQ about configuring Piwik when the server is behind a firewall.

There are some instructions to configure the HTTP header for the host and client identification, like:

; Uncomment line below if you use another proxy (that sets Client-IP header)
;proxy_client_headers[] = HTTP_CLIENT_IP

Is it possible to use it to configure those headers to my custom header?

Specifically, I am thinking about injecting in the proxy a header with the branch information. So, if the visitor was using a computer in the Albuquerque office, the “BRANCH” HTTP header would be set to value “A”, and if they were using a computer from the Baltimore office, the “BRANCH” header would be set to “B”.

Does the proxy_client_headers[] variable expect an specific data format (like an IP address), or does it treat it like a string?